Adoption often leads to positive outcomes for parents and children who are adopted into loving homes.

Therapy can help explore a range of emotions for children who are adopted, such as stress and anxiety about not knowing their background or conflicted feelings about their birth parents’ reason for choosing adoption. Children who have experienced neglect, abuse or trauma will likely be in need of a therapist who understands how to help children and adoptive parents cope and adapt to a new home. Therapy is recommended for families who are looking to foster or adopt a child so that a family can prepare and understand issues that may arise and be supported as they cope with a child’s unique needs. After a family adopts a child, parents can discuss any concerns regarding their child’s adjustment with a compassionate and supportive therapist. It is also important for the child to have a safe and supportive therapeutic environment where they can share their own concerns and emotions. Family therapy can also help to establish bonds and trust between the parents and child.