Finding, starting, and growing a romantic relationship continues to change dramatically due to social media and changing societal attitudes.

Whether you are entering your first romantic partnership or you have been dating for several years, relationships can be tricky at any age. The psychologists at Metta Psychology Group are available to help you navigate the world of dating, whether you are looking for a connection or are in a long-term relationship. 

Young adults are faced with many transitions and challenges in a short period of time and dating can be definitely be an added stressor! Interestingly, research indicates that the way young adults are dating is changing. Young adults are waiting longer to engage in serious relationships, are postponing marriage, and rethinking the definition of family. Even the apps that are used for dating are constantly changing and texting, social media, and technology can make the dating world even more complicated. 

Common dating concerns listed by young adults can include:

-How do I even meet someone?

-What does a first date even look like? Is it texting, a Facetime call, or in person?

-What should I share about myself/my relationship online?

-How do I stay connected with my partner when we communicate so much electronically?

-How long should I wait until we hook up? What if I don’t want to? What if I identify as asexual?

-How long should I wait between relationships?

-What if I’m interested in an open relationship?

-How do I know I am in the right relationship?

-How do I get out of the wrong relationship?

We can also be unaware of how our family of origin, personality, and world views impact our dating life. A counselor can help to explore dynamics that may be impacting your relationships. 

If you are feeling stuck in a relationship, therapy can help. Sometimes we enter into relationships that aren’t the best for us or stay in relationships for the wrong reasons. Some people may even risk compromising their individual selves in the process. Working with an unbiased psychologist can help you to explore the types of relationships that compliment your personal values, explore potential “red flags,” and grow a relationship that helps add fulfillment and joy to your life.