Family therapy is an evidenced-based therapy that is effective in resolving a wide range of family difficulties.

Family therapy is proven to help parenting struggles, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, general family conflict, child or adult emotional/behavioral problems, and grief related to divorce, trauma, or loss. Family therapists work collaboratively with family members to improve communication and explore difficult feelings in a safe, supportive environment. Therapy empowers family members to build a better understanding of each other’s perspectives and emotional needs. At Metta Psychology Group, our therapists carefully “join” with your family by demonstrating respect and acceptance of each family member, which establishes the trust and connection necessary to promote lasting family change. Therapists are flexible in designing a plan that best meets the needs of each family, which at times involves meeting with individual family members, parents only, or all family members together, to effectively resolve problems and meet each family’s unique goals. Research shows that family therapy is effective in strengthening emotional connections, building on family members’ strengths, and creating new, healthy patterns of interaction.