Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Exhausted? Do you feel as though you miss out on spending quality time doing things that you enjoy? Do you find yourself getting sick a lot? Would you say that you have a balanced life? 

It is more difficult than ever to set clear boundaries in our lives. As adults, coping with the demands of life, for example, career, parenthood, relationships, and a personal life can be an ongoing challenge. Learning to set limits and find ways to look after yourself is key in maintaining your mental health and wellness. 

Finding life balance is all about making your wellbeing a priority alongside all of the external demands that you have to attend to in your life. Often times, we hear this act of self-prioritization referred to as “self-care.” It means taking time to engage in activities that you find nourishing and reenergizing. 

I know, you are going to say, “But I don’t have the time or energy to do all those things!”

But you DO. However, making time is going to require that you say, “NO” to things in your life that may be unimportant or less of a priority. Self-care is really about reflecting on your current situation and the choices you are making and deciding what is working and what isn’t. What activities, people, and experiences are taking energy AWAY from you and which ones are ENERGIZING you? Time management, leaving work at work, and minimizing extraneous commitments also play a role in your self-care. It’s important to recognize that creating life balance is a life-long task. As our lives change, our ways of coping must change, as well. 

Enlisting the assistance of a psychologist can help to ease and streamline the process of self-discovery. We can also help facilitate the process of finding your optimum life balance and incorporate a plan of how to maintain it through your evolving circumstances and life transitions. Speaking with a therapist can help in identifying aspects of life that may not be working for you. The psychologists at Metta Psychology Group are able to provide a space to discuss your current life concerns and aid you in brainstorming solutions to find a better life balance. Additionally, Metta’s therapists are skilled at recognizing symptoms of other concerns, such as depression and anxiety, that may be making it difficult for you to find ways to care for yourself.