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How to Be Happier

Most people want to increase their level of happiness – whether they feel that they are already generally “happy” or not.  The good news is that there are ways to be happier in your life overall and day to day.  The challenge is putting in the work to get there.

What Are Boundaries?

Personal boundaries define our edges. They create a space where we can feel, act, and genuinely be who we are. Boundaries provide important information to us as we make decisions about how to express ourselves with integrity and still remain respectful of others.

Is My Child...A Chronic Worrier?

Many children have worries. They worry about getting good grades, about conflicts that are happening at home, about making friends or even about getting sick in front of others. Most of the time, these worries can be managed and dealt with through the support of parents and other adults; however, some children’s worries may take on a life of their own.

Does Winter Make You SAD? Triumphing Over Seasonal Affective Disorder

The winter months can be gray and dreary and seem very long, especially in Columbus, Ohio! While some people may feel a bit down on dreary winter days, a person experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has difficulty in daily functioning due to the intrusiveness of the symptoms.