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Write a Letter!

We often hear about focusing on gratitude to improve our mental health, increase happiness, and enhance our connections with others. Creating daily gratitude journals can be a way of keeping track of what you appreciate and can help you to reflect back on what has been most important. However, Kristen Manieri from shares an idea of how she was able to pass along her gratitude!

Metta Psychology – Business Inspires

We are excited to announce that our very own Dr. Riedl was invited by the TriVillage Chamber Partnership to share her insights on a recent podcast! Click here to learn more about Dr. Riedl, Metta Psychology Group, and her thoughts on mental health.

Building Empathy In Our Children

In school, our children are focused on learning facts, how to do math, and how to write. This type of intelligence helps propel them forward in school, earning high grades and college acceptances. But…what if IQ alone isn’t enough to make your child successful in life? Psychologist Dr. Sasha Ribic provides some insight on how to teach empathy to our children.

State of the Kid 2017

It’s never been easy to raise caring, empathetic children. But perhaps it’s never been harder. Each year Highlights magazine releases their State of the Kid™ report, where they select topics that give us unique insight into how kids view the world they live in. This year Highlights focused on kindness. Take a look at what kids had to say!  Our very own Dr. Sasha Ribic contributed her expertise to the report!