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What is Self-Injury?

Self-injury is when people deliberately harm themselves and damage bodily tissue. Self-injury takes many forms and people engage in self-injurious behaviors for various reasons. Learn more about self-injury and why some individuals engage in these behaviors in an attempt to cope.

Are You Procrastinating? Read this!

Right now, rather than doing paperwork, I am procrastinating by writing a blog post. Procrastinating is something that we all do in our daily lives, though have you ever stopped to ask yourself…why am I procrastinating? This NY Times article explains how procrastination is less about laziness and how it’s more of an emotional regulation problem. Go ahead, click on the link, you know you’re avoiding something…

Write a Letter!

We often hear about focusing on gratitude to improve our mental health, increase happiness, and enhance our connections with others. Creating daily gratitude journals can be a way of keeping track of what you appreciate and can help you to reflect back on what has been most important. However, Kristen Manieri from shares an idea of how she was able to pass along her gratitude!

Metta Psychology – Business Inspires

We are excited to announce that our very own Dr. Riedl was invited by the TriVillage Chamber Partnership to share her insights on a recent podcast! Click here to learn more about Dr. Riedl, Metta Psychology Group, and her thoughts on mental health.