We know that parenting doesn't come with a handbook.

Parenting children of any age comes with its fair share of challenges, but parenting a teen can be especially difficult to navigate. Our psychologists will provide expert insight, practical solutions, and individualized support to help get your family on the right track. Parent coaching will provide you with effective strategies to support and empower both you and your teen.

One of the most protective factors for teens is the quality and strength of the bond with their parents. Our counselors will help keep your relationship with your teen on track, guiding you to give your teen consistent positive attention and empathy. You will learn just how important it is to find ways to connect with your teen, even if it is something simple like meals together or participating in a shared interest. If your teen seems disinterested in time with you, keep trying! It is developmentally appropriate for teens to place the highest priority on time with peers, so it’s important for parents to encourage this. It’s also quite normal for teens to reject and dismiss their parents’ efforts and attempts to connect during this time, which can lead parents to feel devalued and ineffective. Our counselors will help parents better understand this developmentally appropriate process, providing encouragement and guidance along the way.

In working with a counselor, parents will learn how to effectively communicate and set appropriate limits with their teen. Counselors will empower parents to learn and practice effective strategies such as empathy, disengaging from power struggles, encouraging healthy independence-seeking, and collaborative problem solving. It may be difficult at times for parents to find a healthy balance between firmness, structure and then knowing when to  “let go” to encourage independence and self-reliance. Our counselors will guide parents in this process—providing help with establishing boundaries when needed, but also encouraging parents to take a step back and allow their teen to gain more independence, even if they might struggle a bit and make mistakes along the way. 

Counselors will also encourage parents to develop a solid self-care plan, including stress management strategies such as regularly scheduled time with friends, exercise, and maintaining a sense of humor and hopefulness.

Parent coaching can lead to multiple benefits for your teen, including improved academic and social/emotional functioning, fewer behavioral problems, and increased resiliency and self-esteem. Most importantly, insight and strategies gained from parent coaching will create lasting positive changes that will greatly enhance your relationship and bond with your teen.

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