We know that parenting doesn't come with a handbook.

Parenting children of any age comes with its fair share of challenges. Our psychologists will gather a detailed history of your child and family and then provide expert insight, practical solutions, and individualized support to help get your family on the right track.

Parent coaching sessions can address a variety of concerns, including behavior problems, sibling rivalry, defiance, and stress-related parenting issues. We are also here to provide support during transition or crisis, such as divorce or loss of a loved one. Our psychologists are specially trained to provide you with guidance on how to practice best parenting practices, such as positive discipline, to increase your confidence and enhance your relationship with your child.

Parent coaching will help you focus on strategies such as empathy, positive reinforcement, setting appropriate boundaries and expectations, and understanding the underlying causes of your child’s behavior. Our psychologists will teach you how to develop increased empathy for your child—by tuning into his or her perspective and experience on a deeper level.  Empathy in this sense involves understanding and accepting your child’s unique personality and emotions, taking a genuine interest in your child’s day-to-day life, and guiding your child to make decisions and pursue activities consistent with his or her values and interests. Our psychologists will help you implement strategies such as positive time outs and family meetings to create a more peaceful, collaborative home environment.  You will be encouraged to treat mistakes as opportunities to learn, so your child can build decision-making, problem-solving, resilience skills.

Parent coaching will empower you to act in ways that increase your child’s sense of autonomy and self-esteem. Our psychologists will encourage you avoid common destructive patterns of nagging, yelling, and lecturing that interfere with this. You will learn how get more cooperation from your child by making requests with less talking, offering limited choices, using humor and curiosity questions, and effectively following through.

Our psychologists here at Metta provide a supportive, nonjudgmental space for you to gain confidence as a parent and to build a secure, lasting attachment with your child.

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