Premarital counseling is recommended for any couple entering into marriage, even if there are no significant problems or differences within the relationship.

In fact, some studies indicate that couples who participate in premarital counseling are less likely to divorce, which makes it a wise choice for any couple. Premarital counseling helps prepare couples for the realities of marriage, while focusing on building strengths and encouraging interdependency. According to the Journal of Family Psychology, couples that engage in premarital counseling have a lower incidence of divorce over 5 years and that couples that meet with a counselor or psychologist reported a higher level of satisfaction within their relationships. 

The therapists at Metta Psychology Group provide a safe, neutral space for couples to discuss and learn more about their relationship. Premarital counseling can also help couples identify and resolve potential areas of weakness within the relationship, which can lead to a more stable, fulfilling marriage. 

With the guidance of a therapist, couples can communicate their perspectives and expectations around important topics such as finances, physical affection, children/parenting, managing in-laws, decision making, conflict resolution, and beliefs and values. Couples who participate in premarital counselingwill improve upon communication, building empathy, and creating trust within their relationship, thus building a solid foundation for their marriage. Meeting with a psychologist can help an individual to identify their own personal needs, while also encouraging an openness to the needs of the other person. 

It's important to remember that although it can be challenging to initially consult with a psychologist, you and your partner are putting in the effort to creating a lasting relationship. Therapy can be difficult at times, requiring individuals to be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings. However, learning to be communicative within your relationship and build trust and respect will help you and your partner to stay connected over time.