Navigating social life during adolescence can be quite complex.

Recent research shows that accessibility to social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Tumblr can be a positive means for teens to communicate with others, be “liked,” increase socialization, and serve as a forum to share beliefs and opinions. However, social media can also play an integral role in causing depression, anxiety and decreased self-confidence in teens. It also increases chances of potential cyberbullying, aggression and addictive tendencies. Many teens express that text messages and posts can lead to misunderstandings within peer groups, embarrassment, anger and, in some instances, disruptions to social reputations that are often difficult to repair. When situations like this occur, it can feel very isolating and concerning. Therapy can help teens sort through important thoughts and feelings and develop self-advocacy approaches to manage the dynamics of social life. Our clinicians are highly experienced in supporting teens in this process.