Spirituality can be a sacred practice that enables individuals to find deeper meaning, a sense of purpose, and guidance.

Connectedness with a higher being can offer insight into existential questions such as, “Who do I want to be?,” “Why are my fears driving my decisions?,” “Why have I lost all faith?,” “What do I want in life?,” or “What is my sense of purpose in this life?” 

Spirituality can serve as a sense of comfort during times when individuals are feeling unsure or suffering with feelings of depression or anxiety. Certain life experiences such as infidelity, the loss of a loved one, natural disasters, injustice, or violence can often strengthen one’s relationship with spirituality as a means to finding inner peace over life circumstances that may be out of one’s control. However, for some, the sense of purpose that spirituality once offered is called into question.

Our psychologists are sensitive to validating uncertainties and offer encouragement to individuals looking for greater insight into their connectedness with spirituality. Oftentimes therapy can help individuals strengthen their spiritual wellness. This involves exploring how one’s mind, body, and spirit all intertwine with one another. Our counselors are sympathetic to better understanding each individual’s spiritual or religious backgrounds and perspectives in an effort to guide treatment planning.

Generally speaking, individuals learning to practice spiritual wellness often express a deeper sense of compassion and forgiveness for themselves and others, have a strong sense of core values and belief systems, have more optimism in times of stress, find peace and comfort in their surroundings and with nature, and feel a strong sense of self-worth. Our therapists at Metta Psychology Group offer a space where your voice will be heard in a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment. We encourage loving-kindness, acceptance, and benevolence. Please call if you are seeking support or need guidance in your spiritual journey.