It is developmentally appropriate for children to demonstrate occasional misbehavior such as temper tantrums and defiance. 

However, when these behaviors increase in frequency and intensity, parents need to connect with a counselor to identify potential warning signs that may indicate a more significant problem. Warning signs that may indicate a more serious behavior problem in a child include: frequent temper tantrums, getting in trouble at school, physical aggression, social problems, self-destructive behavior, and ongoing oppositional/defiant behavior despite consistent discipline from parents. Our therapists can help by providing parents with support and training on positive discipline strategies. Parents will learn how to effectively implement time-outs, positive reinforcement systems, identify underlying goals of misbehavior, and increase compliance and cooperation at home. Children will learn assertiveness, anger management, mindfulness, and emotion regulation strategies to reduce power struggles and overall stress. Additionally, therapists can collaborate with a child’s teacher to set up a behavioral program that will increase prosocial behavior and improve overall functioning at school. With a therapist’s guidance, a sense of peace and calm can be restored in the family as well as a stronger, resilient parent-child bond.