In a world where multi-tasking is expected, technology provides constant updates and simple decisions are strenuous (been to the cereal aisle lately?), a feeling of being stretched, strung out and stressed can only be expected!

Finding balance between our professional, social and independent lives can be a continuous struggle. There are numerous calendars, shelving systems, electronic organizers and planning tools that promise to be the key to finding balance; however, the comfort they may bring never seems to last. So, how can you achieve lasting balance that feels good? Making conscious decisions and being mindful of our actions can help streamline our lives into a more “balanced” existence.

Achieving life balance often starts with recognizing priorities. These priorities may be purely individual or they may include the influence of work, family, friends, economics, health, etc. It is important to realize that one’s priorities are fluid; they change often and continue to evolve as we grow. Making the conscious decision to spend time on priorities feels better than wondering where the last two hours went! Setting aside specific times to reassess priorities is helpful in recognizing when priorities change and in retaining the feeling of balance associated with knowing what you want and acting accordingly.

Once you identify what is important and what you want, it helps to formulate a plan of how to achieve it. Use your priorities as the basis for your plans. For example, if a priority is building your career a plan might be to attend networking events or to say “yes” to large projects when the opportunity becomes available. Actively making these choices allows you to take decisive actions that align with your priorities.

Active decision making may seem complicated and tiresome, but knowing what is important and what you want soon becomes second nature. Decisions and actions will become more effortless and in sync with what you believe in and what you want overall. So, how would all of this work in the cereal aisle? Perhaps you are trying to lose 10 pounds by eating healthily and you are also saving money for your next vacation. With healthy priorities and a plan to save money you can narrow your focus to only the healthy cereal selections and then narrow that down to only what is on sale – and that does not leave many choices! Now, if having fun is a priority, perhaps the Fruit Loops might sneak into your cart after all. But, they will be valued as a priority and add to your balanced life!

In summary:
1)      Take time to evaluate your priorities

2)      Create plans

3)      Execute mindful decisions

If you would like assistance exploring the balance in your life or sorting out your priorities and plans, please call.