When was the last time you were truly alone?

In today’s booming society, there have been some amazing innovations in technology that increase communication and learning, informing the user with a buzz of incoming news.

Unfortunately, the consistent stream of notifications and reminders have made it much more difficult to remember to carve out a moment for yourself during the day. When we forget to take a step back to check in with ourselves, we are at an increased risk for stress, depression, and anxiety.

While finding the time outside busy work schedules and obligations to friends and family may feel difficult at first, it’s important to remember that there are some incredible benefits that will improve your day-to-day routine!

1)    Time alone can increase productivity -  Whether it be writing a report or finishing some housework, stepping away from a barrage of notifications and investing attention in a single job makes the process much more efficient. You’ll feel all the more relieved after completing the job!

2)    Solitude improves problem-solving skills - When you’re in the torrents of a problem, stepping away can seem as though you are abandoning it. Taking time away from distractions, however, gives you the time to reflect and address the situation from multiple perspectives.

3)    Being alone fosters creativity - Many writers and artists like to leave the city and spend time in nature to reflect and discover their art. In solitude, amazing ideas are brought into fruition. You are able to take a break from distractions and think deeply about what truly inspires you.

4)    Solitude can increase mindfulness - While spending time with others is important and often fulfilling, the constant communication can cause you to forget to reflect on what you yourself most need. By increasing awareness of your thoughts, body, and emotions, mindfulness can lead to reduced anxiety, depression, and stress, allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

5)    Being restful allows you to pause - Sometimes, all you need is a moment to unwind and recuperate from a tough week. Whether it be taking a walk after work or sitting outside for a moment, we all need time to take a break and do what is important for you.

With responsibilities of work, friends, and family, taking a break from our busy lives can seem easier said than done. Take a moment to reflect on your routine and identify opportunities for small breaks and build upon these. Lunch hour or early mornings are a great time to step away and bask in some alone time! A moment to yourself can reduce stress, improve the quality of your relationships, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Therapy is also a wonderful way to learn how to practice mindfulness and work toward prioritizing moments of solitude.  A therapist can support you in learning how to accept and embrace "alone time" on a day-to-day basis, in order to create a better sense of balance in your life.